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I’m calling this done I’m not working on it anymore, at least not tonight because it’s 2:30 AM.

Song is Dark Eyes by Bob Dylan.

EDIT: BLARGSHLDKFjla;jsdj it’s stupidly small. Go to the dA link for fullview.

Reblogging one more time, partially because I found the cover of the song I was listening to actually was uploaded to Youtube and I thought it wasn’t ‘cuz I’d looked for some other songs from that CD and couldn’t find them there. Eheh.

The lyrics are from the third verse. (And yes I know now that I messed up one of the words. That’s what happens when you draw things at 1 AM.)


ATLAS and P-body are exploring a long-abandoned hallway deep in the old facility. They pass a row of heavy wooden doors, most closed, a few hanging open to reveal well-furnished offices or stately boardrooms. Until they come to one door in particular. 

In this near-airtight place, no dust has settled in years. The old wood looks as rich and dark as it did decades ago. The polished knob still gleams. And just above their eyeline, a golden plate that reads:

Chief Executive Officer

ATLAS reaches for the doorknob —

But a sharp voice stops him on his built-in comm device. “You can’t go in there, you don’t — “

A tiny pause. 

" — Have a key. Come back up. That’s enough for today."

Far above, GLaDOS shivered.

She’d almost said, You don’t have an appointment

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